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Ecological benefits with an economic incentive

The are many significant benefits of green roofs that are becoming more common knowledge as technology advances and the concept transitions into an integral part of our modern cityscapes. Policies have been adopted across the world encouraging developers to include green roofs in their buildings to mitigate any negative environmental impacts of urban areas such as the Urban Heat Island Effect. Building owners are opting to install green roofs due to resulting savings in energy costs, longevity of building envelopes and pipes as well as an increase in value of their property. Whilst all of us living and working in the city can enjoy the lovely views of, or inside rooftop gardens and can also enjoy better health through introducing more nature into our urban environment.




  • Evaporative cooling from water capture and holding
  • Noise control (hard surfaces such as concrete and glass provide much stronger reflections and therefore nosier environments)
  • Less smog and better air quality
  • Art opportunities, enhance outdoor aesthetics
  • Opportunity to grow food in an urban environment
  • Reclaimed spaces for recreation – roofs which are otherwise unused spaces become places to inhabit and views for other buildings.



  • Less sewer overflow due to rain harvesting
  • Longer life of pipes and storm water systems as less water which is better filtered runs off the roof area.
  • Biodiversity in plantings leads to increased biodiversity in insects and birds which would not otherwise live in an urban environment
  • Potential to grow native and rare plants.
  • Better air quality
  • Improved water quality through natural filtering
  • Reduced “Urban Heat Island” effect



  • Thermal mass provides a cooler building and energy savings
  • Roof longevity
  • Better environmental building rating (e.g. Green Star rating[1])
  • Potential increase in property value


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